Bits and Pieces

June 2017

Volume 32, Issue #6

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President's Message 

The Auction was a great success! A big thank you to Cindy Zencey and Catherine Morano (co-chairs), Marianne Caporale, Tammie Waggy, Christine Fallon, Nancy Humphreys, Gail Pickett and Fran Brewka for a well organized and fantastic event. Kathleen Winters did a wonderful job as auctioneer. Our checkout ladies also helped: Lucille Willover, Pat Barton, Anne Congdon, and Kathy Talley. Roni Conner, (hospitality chair) and committee organized a very nice luncheon.

I am looking forward to our Challenge Quilt results. It’s always fun to see who created the quilts. Thank you Stephanie Braskey, Cheryl Lynch and Kelly Meanix for organizing this activity. Congrats to all that participated.

I have enjoyed my year as president of Calico Cutters. It has been a pleasure talking with all of you and meeting many new faces during the year. I have to say ‘it takes a village’ to run the Guild. The dedication of the board members, the committee chairs, committee members and others that volunteer their time in so many ways is outstanding! Your help is so appreciated.

I’ll be passing the gavel on to Pat Barton at our next meeting. Pat has a lot in the works for next year!

Reminder: It’s time to get your membership renewal turned in for this year. We have a waiting list!

Enjoy this great weather!  

Terry Seeley 

Monthly Programs

June 14 - Maxine Rosenthal

"One Block Wonders"

• Monthly Charitable Gifts - Pocopson Home Bingo Prizes (Ideas below under "Monthly Charitable Gifts")

• Block of the Month -  Flower Wreath

• Fat Quarter -  Solids

"One Block Wonders" - Maxine Rosenthal came to quilting via a path that included writing software and refinishing furniture. Fascinated by kaleidoscopes, she explores the patterns that develop when fabric is cut and re-joined to create new designs.  Her book is titled:  One-Block Wonders: One Fabric, One Shape, One-of-a-Kind Quilts.  If you have made a one block wonder quilt, make sure you bring it for Show & Tell.


July 12 - Melissa Averinos

Melissa Averinos paints, makes quilts, designs fabric, and writes craft books. She  won a Judge's Choice Award at QuiltCon 2015 for her quilt 'face #1' and won Best In Show at QuiltCon 2016 for her quilt 'My Brother's Jeans'. Melissa loves Atomic Fireballs, pie, unicorns, rust, gardening, yoga, thrift shopping, sad songs and summertime. Melissa is an imperfectionist, a hugger and a good listener. She lives on Cape Cod with her adorable husband, Stuart, and their two golden retrievers. 

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There is a long waiting list for many of our classes, if you are not able to make a workshop or if you are interested in registering please contact Kelly Meanix.

To obtain details on any of the workshops below, just click on the date/presenter and you will see all of the supplies and descriptions.   

• June 13, 2017 - Maxine Rosenthal - One Block Wonders (5 spots left)

• July 11, 2017 - Melissa Aversinos - Making Faces (10 spots left)

• August - - Linda Poole, more information coming soon

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Ways and Means

May 10th Auction!

Thank you to Cindy Zencey, Catherine Morano and their amazing team of helpers in producing a fun and exciting 2017 Auction and Tea.  Thank you to Roni Connor for all the work on Hospitality.  And of course, thank you to everyone who donated items, bought items and brought in food!  And Kathleen Winters for being the best auctioneer ever.  A great team effort!  Below are most of the many people who contributed to this effort: 

Auction Team

• Catherine Morano

• Cindy Zencey

• Marianne Caporale

• Christine Fallon

• Gail Pickett

• Nancy Humphreys

• Fran Brewka

• Tammie Waggy 

Day of Auction

• Lucille Willover

• Kathy Talley

• Pat Barton

• Ann Congdon

• Terry Seeley

Auctioneer:   Kathleen Winters

Hospitality:  Roni Connor 

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kids quilts

Kids Quilts

JUNE 2017

No surprise, with all the great auction activities no quilts were turned in at the May Guild meeting.
Next month will bring more quilts.

Only one month to go before a new KIds Quilts committee begins its tenure with Carol Fasy as chairperson.  Everyone has been so generous with their time and efforts, we know that the new group will receive the same support  that we did..

Thank you all and see you in June, the entire Kids Quilts Committee:

Lorna Milano, Edith Shooster, Sally Wright, Linda Harris, Lin Buchta, Roni Connor, Judy Newby, Marilyn Holmstrom and Mary Ellen Carey.

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Membership Renewal 2017-2018

Membership would like to thank everyone who has already submitted their renewal dues!

For those who are still planning to renew....renewals will not be accepted after the June 14 Guild Meeting.  Please print your renewal forms from the website (link below) since there are a limited number available at the Guild meeting. Renewals can be mailed in to the Guild PO Box or brought to the meeting. We are still looking to ensure 36 remaining members renew.  Remind your friends they need to have it in by the June meeting.


Debbi Fair and Lee Paylor.

• Click here for 2017-2018 Dues Renewal Form.

• Click here for the Guild Address 

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Our Elected Officers for 2017-2018

• President - Pat Barton

• President Elect - Cindy Zencey

• Membership - Sue Linton and Lee Paylor

• Secretary - Catherine Morano

• Treasurer - Lucille Willover

• Programs - Leslie O'Brien 

• Workshops - Debbie Becker

• Ways and Means - Terry Seeley and Kelly Meanix

• Communications - Kathy Nester and Mary Zoshak

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To the right is a picture of our incoming 2017-2018 Board along with outgoing president Terry Seeley.  Missing in the picture is Kathy Nester who was in Italy

Positions still needed for up coming Guild Year

Thanks so much to Dorcas Weist for agreeing to take on Fat Quarters for next year and to Gail Pickett for agreeing to take Soldiers' Quilts. I still need someone to head up Hospitality.  I have two people already who are willing to serve on the committee and room for more, but they do need a leader.  It will require providing refreshments/luncheon for the December and May meetings.  I do not anticipate any other events for next year.  I also need a volunteer to take on Events.  That would involve planning two sew-ins during the year outside of guild meetings.  Maybe a trip to Hershey if people are interested and any other outside things that might appeal to you or members. Please consider taking one of these jobs for next year and give yourself a chance to meet new friends and enjoy the fun of the guild.  These are not board positions, they are much needed committee positions.  Thank you for considering them. Pat Barton

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Special Events

To all Modern Nine Patch “Swapees”,

At the June meeting of Calico Cutters we will be showing what we have done with our modern nine patches. Please plan to share what you have done, even if it is not a completed project. It will be interesting to see how each person used their patches and what they have created with them. So don’t be shy and join us at the June meeting on the 14th!

Thanks for your participation and I hope you enjoyed the experience!
If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Jackson

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Monthly Charitable Gifts


As we mentioned previously, the baby items collected at our May meeting went again to the Chester County Prenatal Clinic. Since they are now caring for the Jennersville obstetrical patients, the additional items were greatly appreciated.

At our June meeting, we will be collecting Bingo prizes for the Pocopson Home. Suggested items include: small stuffed animals, ladies scarves, small zippered change purses, men's wallets, small non breakable boxes for jewelry, pierced earrings, stretchy bracelets, long bead or chain necklaces (that slip over the head), plastic bottles of hand lotions, deodorant, cologne, boxes of tissues, Dove unscented soap, ladies hair nets or shower caps, plastic flower vases, non breakable seasonal decorative items, adult coloring books, colored pencils, washable colored marking pens, or fuzzy posters with markers . Please no body powders/talcum.

Thank you again for your continuing support,

Ann and Janet 

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Calico Cutter October Retreat


Our dates for 2017 are:   October 12-15, 2017.  We’ll take deposits starting in July, 2017.

Our retreat challenge with be something quilted with buttons on it (must be finished). Our retreat accessory challenge will be a Halloween costume ( and no, Jackie cannot wear the same outfit!!

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CCQG Quilt Show 2018

May 2017 

Pat Barton is  presently working on getting people to head up special areas of the show.  She will let you know the date of our start-up meeting shortly.  Things are moving along according to our timeline, and we thank all the people who have volunteered to help.  More information next month. Thanks again!

Pat Barton 

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Education Notes

June  2017 

One of the great advantages of belonging to Calico Cutters is being treated to amazing speakers and their wonderful workshops.  The workshops offered by our speakers are always a bargain compared to taking the same classes elsewhere and come with the bonus of spending more time getting to know our members.  The other thing that is a side bonus of workshops is getting so many tips for other quilters as the day goes along.  Barb Vedder shocked me with the info that Aurifil thread does not play well with your Singer Featherweight!  Apparently 50 wt. cotton is too thin to make good stitches, so use a thicker thread if you are lucky enough to have a Featherweight.

Always thread your needle with the thread as it comes off the spool.  It feels right to thread your needle where you cut it, as it’s smoother but the thread has a direction.

And don’t lick the thread to get it in the eye of the needle, lick the needle.  That’s a new one for me!

Steam vs. dry is always a debate in quilting and Barb found that since she stopped using steam, her irons last and last.  My nice Rowenta started leaking and my husband bought me a new one for Christmas so I keep my old one as a dry and my new one as steam. 

Lynne Laino

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events will now be listed only on the website  Click below for the details.   

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Executive Board

PRESIDENT  -  Terry Seeley
MEMBERSHIP - Debbi Fair and Lee Paylor  
PROGRAMS - Cheryl Lynch
SECRETARY - Leslie O'Brien
TREASURER - Lucille Willover
WORKSHOPS - Kelly Meanix
WAYS & MEANS - Catherine Morano and Cindy Zencey
COMMUNICATIONS - Chris Qaddoumi and Holly Rutkowski 

Calico Cutters Quilt Guild Information

Meets at 9:30 AM on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at:
Goshen Fire Company
1320 Park Avenue
West Chester, PA  19380

Bits & Pieces is a monthly newsletter for the members of Calico Cutters Quilt Guild. Please forward all material for publication to the Guild mailbox: A copy of the minutes of the previous Guild meetings and Treasurer’s reports will be available at each Guild meeting.

Mailing Address: Calico Cutters Quilt Guild
PO Box 1235
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