CCQG Quilt Show 2018

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Things are moving along well.  We are searching for vendors and hope to have six at the show.  Roni Connor has agreed to chair a boutique/handcraft booth.  She will give more information about that at the July meeting.  We have begun work on Advertising and plan to have flyers at the Hershey show in July.
We are going to raffle off mini-quilts and Terry Seeley and Cindy Zencey will be handling that chore.   You have all year to make a 16 x 24 vertical quilt if you so choose.  It can be any theme you want, it just needs to be completed and will be a donation, not a consignment item.
We have the venue and the pipes and drape people lined up, we just need a person to do the floor plan, so if you are good at that sort of thing and would like to head that set-up committee or help on it, please let me know.
All of it will come together after the first of the year.  If you volunteered a couple of months back, we will be getting in touch with you as our needs come up.  Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm in making this happen.  It will be a fun time and a chance to meet new friends.


May 2017 

I am presently working on getting people to head up special areas of the show.  We will be having a start-up meeting shortly.  Things are moving along according to our timeline, and I thank all the people who have volunteered to help.  More information will be given at the June guild meeting as our plans get more specific.

February 2017 Update

We are in the search process for a venue for the Quilt Show.  We are looking for a place in West Chester if possible.  After that is found, we will begin setting up the committees so we don’t interfere in the work for the May auction.  Please think about joining a committee.  We will need people to work on the Boutique, Programs, setting up and taking down, vendors, raffle baskets and chairpersons for these committees.  I will have specific sign up sheets as we get further along in the process.  Please think about helping out.  It will be a chance to have some fun and meet new people and showcase our talents.

December 2016

There are a lot of people happily looking forward to having a Calico Cutters Quilt Show.  Now that we know the guild would support a show, we will begin the process.  First of all we have to find a venue.  Thoughts are to have it in the spring of 2018.  If you know of a place that you think would work for our show, please let us know and we will investigate it.  Also, if you are interested in helping with the hunt for the venue let me know.  We will keep you updated on our progress.

It has been twenty years since Calico Cutters has held a quilt show and we have grown in so many ways. We have so many talented members as is shown in our quilt challenges.  We have a lot to offer to the quilting community, so let’s give them something to remember.  It is a long process to get a show together, but once we get our place, we can go forward with planning the show itself.  We will need lots of help with food, raffles, boutique, hanging and displaying quilts, vendors, door prizes, etc.  You know what it takes to make a fun show, and that is our goal.  We hope to display lots of our wonderful quilts so tune up your machines and plan a special entry.

Looking forward to a fun time and a chance to meet lots of new people.  Thanks in advance for any help you can give.