Challenge Quilts

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Challenge Quilts for 2018 CCQG Quilt Show

The challenge for 2018 will be “Do Not Touch” mini quilts to hang with quilts at our quilt show in May, 2018. Penn Oaks Quilt Guild had small “Do Not Touch” quilts at their last show and we were inspired by them to use this idea as our challenge this year. I am planning to bring some to the September meeting to give you some ideas. Quilts should be small, about 8″ by 11″. Be creative! Think outside the box!  There will be prizes.

They must be finished by the February meeting with a 4″ sleeve. These quilts will become the property of the guild for future shows or displays. But for posterity, please put a label on the back or at least sign your name.

Stephanie Braskey

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