Education Notes

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Every month our Education Chair, Christine Fallon, provides us some tips or information regarding the art of quilting.  For Education Archives by topic, go to the bottom of this page for links.

Education Notes

December 2017

Fill several bobbins before you start to machine quilt.  When the bobbin runs out you can replace the bobbin without moving your quilt.  Keeps the top thread continuous.

If you are making a quilt for a baby girl, save the scraps and make a doll quilt too!

White tissue paper can be used as tracing paper.

To make hand sewing easier you can wear a secretary’s rubber finger on your index finger.  This helps to pull your needle through the fabric.

Remove fabrics from the dryer while they are damp.  Makes ironing so much easier.

Save your leftover unused bamboo skewers from those summer barbeques.  They work perfectly as a stiletto.

November 2017

Just saw a tip from Bonnie Hunter on Instagram.  She made an inexpensive design wall using two flannel backed tablecloths.  Cheap and portable!

Do you have an empty tabletop gum ball machine?  Cute way to display your button collection in your craft room.

You can use your empty wooden thread spool collection to hold leftover bits of ribbon.  They look adorable stored in a glass jar.

When attending a sewing workshop, I bring along a paper lunch bag and some scotch tape.  Attach the paper bag to your work table.  This makes an easy waste basket for all my scraps and threads and does not take up space on the sewing table.

Knitting needle point protectors are a great tool to use with your scissors when traveling.  No more worrying about the sharp points!

I use a small yellow post it note (size 1 inch) when threading my sewing machine.  Place the yellow post it note behind the sewing needle.  The paper makes it so much easier to see the eye of the needle.  I always have a pack in my travel sewing bag.

October 2017

Embroidery floss plastic organizers can be used to organize your sewing machine feet.  Simply label the top with content of each compartment.

Machine needles can be simply organized in weekly pill organizers.

Cindy Z. let me know about a great You Tube channel for longarm and regular machine quilting tutorials.  Please go to whirlsnswirlsquilting on You Tube and check her out.

When using a large cone of thread, a thread stand is invaluable.  If you do not have a thread stand available, you can place your cone of thread in a tea cup instead.

Filling a pin cushion with steel wool helps to keep your pins sharp.

Orange wood cuticle sticks (found in the cosmetics dept of Target, Walmart, etc) can be used as a substitute for a stiletto awl.

Wonder Clips are a great tool to help when binding your quilt.  An inexpensive substitute would be to use hair barrettes or office binder clips.

-Christine Fallon

September 2017

Sewing room organizing tips –

Swiffer cloths are great for dusting off your machines, cutting tables etc.

If you have multiple sewing machines, plastic storage drawers are an easy way to organize the different feet, needles, etc. attachments.  Inexpensive drawer sets are found at Target and Walmart.

Singer Featherweight sewing machine extension tables –

Here is a source if you are looking for an inexpensive extension table for your Featherweight:

Aurifil Thread Lovers Event at Ladyfingers Sewing Studio

September 13 at 1:30 pm Cost $5.00 (Call ahead to sign up)

Cheryl Lynch will be teaching her Mini Mosaic Quilt workshop at The Old Country Store on Saturday, December 2 from 9:30 to 4:30 pm. Here is the link to sign up and for more information:


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