Kids Quilts

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February 2018 

We collected 60 quilts in February.  Members turned in 33 Quilts and Tal Hai turned in 27.  A member also donated batting.
Thank you to:
Jeannette Walsh
Kathleen Winters
Linda Phiel
Beth Ann McNutt
Chris Qaddoumi
Lin Buchta
Roni Connor
Sandy Jackson
Holly Rutkowski
Tal Hai
January 2018
We collected 23 quilts in January.  A partial list of donors included:
Suzie Brody
Genny Gallagher
Kathleen Winters
Kathy Joyce
Betty Thais
Thank you!
January 2018

Thank you all who attended our January sew in, it was a great day. Everyone had a good time. There were 11 kids quilts completed. We could not have done it without all the help from our wonderful committees.

Another big thanks to the following ladies who arrived at the event with finished quilts:

Suzy Brody
Ginny Gallagher
Kathleen Winters
Kathy Joyce

Kids’ Quilts Information

The 2017-2018 Kids’ Quilts Committee consists of: Ciel Betson, Betty Campbell, Cathy Fasy, Jacki Frye, Barbara Hays, Susan Kester, Janis Zeglen and several members of the Hearts to Hands Quilting Group at the Ridley Park Presbyterian Church.

Calico Cutters members are welcome to join the group on the third Monday of each month beginning Monday, August 21st at:
Ridley Park Presbyterian Church
300 N. Swarthmore Avenue
Ridley Park, PA  19078
Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Domestic Violence Center of Chester County (DVCC) – “Kids Quilts”

All members are asked to create at least one “Kids Quilt” a year to be donated to the DVCC to be gifted to each child in their program.

Every month the members of the Guild astonish us with their creativity and dedication to this initiative.  Finished quilts are welcome as well as fabric donations that may be appropriate for children’s quilts.  Large pieces of more than a yard are especially useful for backings.

Kids Quilt Kit assemblykid_under_quilt

The most common kit contains 48 eight-inch squares and a back.  Batting is provided separately.

1. Sew squares together using half-inch seams, eight rows of six squares each.
2. Assemble the quilt layers as follows:
a. layout batting – then quilt backing face up – then quilt top face down.
b. sew around the edge using a half-inch seam – leave a twelve inch opening for turning.
c. machine baste the batting to the backing along the twelve-inch opening. Trim seam allowance.
d. Turn through opening so that top and backing are on the outside with right sides facing out.
e. slip stitch opening closed
3. Top stitch around the edge, one-half to three-quarters inch from the edge.
4. Machine quilt in the ditch along all seams or use your own design. Alternately, tie all corners and the center of each square.

The Kid’s Quilt committee is also creating many different kinds of quilts to make the sewing interesting and provide more variety in the quilts.  Sewing these quilts is also a great opportunity to test and practice your quilting skills.  If you have questions please contact Cathy Fasy

To view other kids’ quilts donated in 2017, click here.