Maxine Rosenthal – One Block Wonders

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Maxine Rosenthal

Tuesday June 13, 2017
10:00 am to 4 pm
Goodwill Fire Company
552 E Union Street West Chester PA  19380
Class fee $35.00



This is serendipitous and adventurous approach to design. The hexagons created from your fabric ultimately form the foundation of your quilt and once all the blocks are completed, you begin to design the final quilt on a design wall. The primary fabric does the bulk of the work, defining your color palette. The fun is to then paint with this palette, to move the shapes around the design wall, to play with the colors, to move from one color to the next, to rearrange the kaleidoscopes to your liking.  It is hard to walk up to a design wall and not rearrange, just a little bit.  How would this one look like here?  How would that one look next to this one?

In this 6-hour class, enough kaleidoscopes are created so that the design elements can be taught and so that the student can practice these theories and watch what happens as they move the kaleidoscopes around the design wall. Border techniques are also taught. The quilt does not need to be rectangular, it could have a banner border, it could be in panels, the possibilities are limitless.

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