Member Tips

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  1. I learned a great tip from Terry Kramzar’s blog.   When cutting half-square triangles for a project, in addition to drawing the line to sew and cut on, draw an additional line a half inch away and cut in the middle to give you an additional half-square triangle to use in another project!   If I’m not clear enough, see Terry’s blog for a diagram. Thanks Terry!!  Click here to access Terry’s blog.
  2. If you are looking for a book of any kind that is out of print, often you can find it on Amazon in the little print “used” under the book photo.  The shipping is always $3.99 but the books are usually a few $$. Lynne Laino
  3. Terry Kramzar sent me a great link for needle-size info from a blog she found.  You can print the “Cheat Cards” and keep them handy by your machine for easy reference.  Thanks Terry!
  4. Just saw a tip from Bonnie Hunter on Instagram.  She made an inexpensive design wall using two flannel backed tablecloths.  Cheap and portable!