Quilting Acronyms

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401F fabric for retirement
401P patterns for retirement
BOM block of the month
BSS basic sewing supplies
Charm packs package of pre-cut squares usually 5″
Charms small pieces of fabric, usually squares or hexagons, all different fabrics
CIU Sew Kind of Wonderful curve it up pattern
COC cream on cream
CQ crazy quilting
D4P double four patch
DIC double Irish chaing
Dime 10″ square piece of fabric (also see layer cake)
DIY do it yourself
DJ dear Jane
DSM domestic sewing machine
EQ electric quilt
F8 fat 1/8 piece of fabric (9″ x 22″)
FART fabric acquisition road trip
FHS free hand sewing
FIU finish it up
FLIMSY unquilted top
FM free motion
FN Frivoulous Necessity (pattern maker)
FQ fat quarter of fabric (18″ x 22″)
Frog stitching rip it, rip it…ripping sitches out
FW fusible web
FW FeatherWeight (type of sewing machine)
GFG grandmother’s flower garden
Giterdone Get ‘er done (term most often used for ancient or dreaded projects)
HP hand piecing
HQ hand quilting
HST half-square tirangle
HSY haven’t started yet
Jelly Roll 2 1/2″ x 42″ fabric strips rolled and sold in a set
LA long armer
LAQ long arm quilter
LC layer cake (stack of 10″ coordinating fabrics)
LibQ liberating quiltmaking
LQ liberating quiltmaking
LQS local quilt shop
MAQ mid-arm quilter
MGBTQ must get back to quilting
Nickle 5″ square of fabric (see also charm pack)
NQR not quilt related
OBW one-block wonder
OOAK one of a kind
OOP out of print
OSMG old sewing machine guy
PFD project prepared for dying
PHD project half done
PIGS project in grocery sacks
PIM project in mind
PIP project in progress
PIT project in tote
PIW project in waiting
PP paper piecing
QAL quilt a long
QAYG quilt as you go
QCR quick curve ruler
QR quilt related
QST quarter square triangles
Quilt Candy small charm pieces of fabric, folded up to look like candy
QUIMM quilt in my mind
QUTD question of the day
RR round robin
RST right sides together
SA seam allowance
SABLE stash accumulation beyond life expectency
SAQM small arm quilting machine
SAS steam a stitch
SAS steam a seam
SEX stash enhancing experience
SEX stash enhancing expedition
SEX stash enhancing excursion
SID stitch in the ditch
Siggie square of fabric with signatures (and possibly other information on it)
SIY sew it yourself
SKOW Sew kind of wonderful
SnW stack ‘n whack
SQ Simply Quilts
Squishy envelope filled with swap fabric or gifts sent or received in the mail)
STASH special treasure all secretly hidden
SUI shopping under the influence
SWAN swap without a name
TBQ to be quilted
TGIF thank goodness it’s finished!
TIC triple Irish chain
TOAD trashed object abandoned in disgust
TOT tone-on-tone
Turnover 6″triangle fabrics in a pack
UFO unfinished object
USO unstarted object
VIP very important project
WHIM work hidden in mind
WHIMM work hidden in my mind
WIP work in progress
WISP work in slow progress
WIVSP work in very slow progress
WIWMI wish it would make itself
WOA work of art
WOF width of fabric
WOMBAT waste of money, batting and time
WOW white on white
WWIT what was I thinking
YoYo a circle of fabric, qathered and sewn into a puffy circle, also one who makes them