Organizational Tips

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  • Swiffer cloths are great for dusting off your machines, cutting tables etc.
  • If you have multiple sewing machines, plastic storage drawers are an easy way to organize the different feet, needles, etc. attachments.  Inexpensive drawer sets are found at Target and Walmart.
  • Embroidery floss plastic organizers can be used to organize your sewing machine feet.  Simply label the top with content of each compartment.
  • Machine needles can be simply organized in weekly pill organizers.
  • Do you have an empty tabletop gum ball machine?  Cute way to display your button collection in your craft room.
  • You can use your empty wooden thread spool collection to hold leftover bits of ribbon.  They look adorable stored in a glass jar.
  • January is a perfect time to clean up your craft room. Go through your fabric and donate any that you know you will never use. Give to your guild, another quilting friend or your local thrift store.