Quilt Travels

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  1. USA Today had an article on The Best Places in America to see quilts. It’s wonderful to see more non-quilt publications with stories about quilting. If you are planning vacations this summer, perhaps one of the locations are nearby. Click here for more information.
  2. June starts the Nationwide (and Canada too!) Row By Row Experience with over 2,700 participating shops. Each shop has a free row pattern to collect and some have kits to purchase.  The program runs until the beginning of September and you can find the names of participating shops at http://www.rowbyrowexperience.com/
  3. Since I’m on the subject of tools for classes and workshops, Sandy Jackson came rolling into a workshop a few months ago with one of those cloth wagons that I’ve seen in Costco and Sam’s Club for gardening and such. It was neatly filled with her sewing machine and all the miscellaneous items that she needed for the workshop. What a brilliant idea!! No struggling with your machine trolley plus bags of tools and rulers – everything in one handy wheeled wagon! Thanks so much Sandy!
  4. We just got back from Denver on Sunday and one of the stops we made were to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater.  The natural rock formations were just breathtaking.  My boys have been there for concerts so it was nice to see it myself.  Downstairs in the visitor’s center I spotted what I thought was a sculpture on the wall but as I looked closer, I realized with glee that it was a quilt!!!  I took lots of photos and asked the woman behind the counter who made the quilt.  She wasn’t very friendly and didn’t even make eye contact with me (obviously not a quilter!!) but muttered, Judith Trager. I looked her up and found the quilt in the gallery, it is called Walk the Rocks.  Click here to go to her website.    So if you are vacationing, look around and you may find a quilt in unexpected places!  Happy Summer!
  5. When attending a sewing workshop, I bring along a paper lunch bag and some scotch tape.  Attach the paper bag to your work table.  This makes an easy waste basket for all my scraps and threads and does not take up space on the sewing table.
    Knitting needle point protectors are a great tool to use with your scissors when traveling.  No more worrying about the sharp points!