Veterans’ Quilts

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February – from Gail
A wonderful, huge shout out for all the contributions to the success of veteran quilts. We received 10 finished quilts, all beautiful and meaningful. I know some are outstanding, being finished or maybe started. Remember, no rush, just please help in any way you can. We still can use red, white, blue and patriotic themed fabric for the preparation of ongoing kits.  Our Coatesville VA men and women say “thank you”.
Remember the label!   Scroll down for suggestions.

If anyone is interested in getting together to plan, pool fabric, cut and sew, please contact Gail Picket.

Every quilt is a gift and our veterans thank you.

Past  Donations


 soldier two march
 Members make quilts for donation to the veterans at the Coatesville Medical Center.  You can donate a quilt or fabric or blocks in red, white and blue colors.  If your bee would like to make some blocks or a quilt, we would be happy to receive it!  Most of our donations are large lap size quilts.
Please make sure your quilt has a label to make it special and personal. Suggestions: Thanks to an American Soldier/ Calico Cutters Quilt Guild 2017 or your own name or special message.
Please support this on-going project.


Guild Year 2014 – 2015 – We delivered 92 quilts from July 2014 to June 2015 to the Coatesville Center.