Veterans’ Quilts

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November 2017

Veterans’ quilt project received a lovely quilt from Jen Linton, thank you.
My goal is to receive donations of patriotic appropriate fabric to prepare some kits for the January sew-in, previously limited to kids quilts. Feel free to bring donations to December meeting so I have time to prepare a few kits.
Remember, if you prepare a quilt , it can be any size from 40 by 40 to larger, up to and including twin size. Lap quilts, 40 by 60  are a perfect gift to a veteran.
Thanking you in advance for participation.

If anyone is interested in getting together to plan, pool fabric, cut and sew, please contact Gail Picket.

Every quilt is a gift and our veterans thank you.




Recent Donations



Past  Donations

All of the Block of the Month “star” squares collected at the the July meeting will be donated to Shirley Walton and her Tel Hai sewing group to be turned into Soldier Quilts.  Please make a few to promote this effort!

December 2016

Twelve soldier quilts were received from Betty Dix, Cindy Vognetz, Sandy Jackson, Dolores Holzwarth, and Terry Kramzar. They will be delivered to the Coatesville VA Medical Center.
If you have any questions contact Gail Pickett

 soldier two march
 Members make quilts for donation to the veterans at the Coatesville Medical Center.  You can donate a quilt or fabric or blocks in red, white and blue colors.  If your bee would like to make some blocks or a quilt, we would be happy to receive it!  Most of our donations are large lap size quilts.
Please make sure your quilt has a label to make it special and personal. Suggestions: Thanks to an American Soldier/ Calico Cutters Quilt Guild 2017 or your own name or special message.
Please support this on-going project.
At the November meeting we received 28 patriotic quilts from the Tel Hai sewing group and 2 from Delores Holywarth and Betty Dix.  They will be delivered to the Coatesville VA Medical Center.

At the July 2015 meeting almost 100 Patriotic blocks of the month were received! Thank you to all participants for a great response.  Shirley Walton and her Tel Hai sewing group have volunteered to use the blocks to make quilts for our veterans.

Guild Year 2014 – 2015 – We delivered 92 quilts from July 2014 to June 2015 to the Coatesville Center.