Calico Cutter October Retreat

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Our dates for 2017 are:   October 12-15, 2017.
We’ll take deposits starting in July, 2017.
Our retreat challenge with be something quilted with buttons on it (must be finished).
Our retreat accessory challenge will be a Halloween costume ( and no, Jackie cannot wear the same outfit!!)


Retreat Number 12

Our 12th annual retreat is now a thing of the past. There was shopping, eating, laughing and lots and lots of quilting.  As always our retreat is filled with members willing to share their knowledge and expertise.  So there was lots of learning going on as well.  Many thanks to all who came and made this a great retreat weekend !

Challenges for 2016 Retreat:

  • Quilt: Illustrate your first initial of your name—either with fabrics, colors starting with that letter, or do a modern, traditional or fancy depiction of the letter.
  • Fashion accessory:   your favorite holiday attire ( sweater, sweatshirt, vest, dress, tee-shirt, or complete outfit)…doesn’t matter what holiday.

And below are our winners:
Favorite Holiday Attire…Jackie Frye…no one can be a Halloween witch like Jackie!


And the winners of the “letter” challenge:

ret4 ret3 ret2

1st place – Georgette Copes…..Mother giraffe and young giraffe

2nd place – Jackie Frye…beautiful appliqued “ J” with decorative vines and berries

3rd place –  Suzy Brody…Sioux Storyteller Doll with little storyteller dolls

As usual, amazing work form our members.

Below are some more pictures from the fun event: