Sewing Tips – General

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    1. Here is a great article from a blog, 10 Tips That Changed My Sewing Life.  Click here to see the tip.
    2. A local youth group who provides a sewing and fiber arts program has been using our Education Page as a resource for their projects.  One of the groups young members suggested we add the following website as a resource to our Education page.  So we decided tot make her up on the offer.   This is a general site on sewing that provides ton of sites on sewing related content.  So thank you Bella!
    3. Quilt Show News had a great video with tips for threading needles as our eyes get a little worse every year (no you, of course!).
    4. One of the kids in my group, Bella, found a great resource on sewing: .
    5. Always thread your needle with the thread as it comes off the spool.  It feels right to thread your needle where you cut it, as it’s smoother but the thread has a direction.
    6. Don’t lick the thread to get it in the eye of the needle, lick the needle.
    7. I use a small yellow post it note (size 1 inch) when threading my sewing machine.  Place the yellow post it note behind the sewing needle.  The paper makes it so much easier to see the eye of the needle.  I always have a pack in my travel sewing bag.
    8. Save your leftover unused bamboo skewers from those summer barbeques.  They work perfectly as a stiletto.
    9. White tissue paper can be used as tracing paper.
    10. To make hand sewing easier you can wear a secretary’s rubber finger on your index finger.  This helps to pull your needle through the fabric.
    11. Remove fabrics from the dryer while they are damp.  Makes ironing so much easier.