Show and Tell

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One of our favorite highlights each month is the “Show and Tell” portion of our meeting.  This event allows us to show off the results of our work.   Everyone is welcome to participate, whether you are a new or a more experienced quilter.  Blow your own horn!  No one is a critic!

Some general rules for our Show and Tell process:

We also always seem to be a little short on time and sometimes seem to be rushing through Show and Tell and not giving our members the time to really show off their work.  So we are asking everyone to remember the “etiquette” of Show and Tell:
1.  Form two lines on either side of the room.  Alternate showing your work from side to side.
2.  Please have your work out of the bag before you get to the front.
3.  Always introduce yourself first, then tell us about your quilt.
4.  Please stand near your work so we can get a great picture without taking up extra time (we find our members visit the Show and Tell page on the website quite often)
5.  If you do not want your picture taken with your quilt, please stand away from your quilt.
6.  Please take your quilt with you and fold it up after you have left the front of the stage,
7.  If you are willing, place your quilt on a table to the back of the room so members can look at your work a little more closely.
8.  All members – if quilts are in the back and available for closer viewing, please keep any food or drink away from the quilts.

Below are some pictures from Show and Tell at our recent February 2018 meeting.  As always, quite an amazing array and variety of projects!


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