Special Products

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  1. If you thread baste your quilts, you may want to try the new Wash-A-Way thread from YLI. No more removing threads, just wash the quilt and it dissolves!
  2. Bo-Nash Fuse It Powder, which comes as a kit with two small silicone ironing sheets and a small bottle of powder or just a large shaker bottle of powder. The powder looks like table salt and you sprinkle it on the background fabric, lay your applique on it, brush off the excess and then iron! Since you use very little, the fabric is not stiff at all. (Lynne found at Quilters Block)
  3. A Prairie Pointer Pressing Tool, a flat metal tool for pressing and shaping prairie points! Rolls of fusible 2-1/4” batting for bags and bag straps as well as 2-1/2” non-fusible batting. To help iron them to jelly roll strips without burning your fingers, there are Thermal Thimbles, silicone finger covers in sets of 3. (also found at Quilters Block)