Walker Bag Pattern

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Walker Bag Pattern –as used by Tel Hai

There are two patterns to choose from.  Thank you Shirley Walton for providing the pattern.

See detailed instructions below.


Pattern #1


  • ½ yard each of two complimentary fabrics
  • 2 large buttons
  • stiffening material 14” X 3”


Cut identical outside and lining. Make both the same way.
Cut 15” wide across width of fabric
Cut remaining 3” of fabric into two 14” strips = straps.
(Discard remaining 3” strip.)

Straps: Sew right sides together lining and main fabric, closing one end. (Optional: line straps with strong tape.)
Turn inside out. Press.
Make buttonhole on the closed end.
Repeat for second strap.

Pockets: Cut 8” X 15” from large piece of fabric = pocket
Fold under & sew across 15” top of pocket.
Sew across bottom of pocket to body of bag so that it is about 10 ½ “ from top. Pin sides. Sew double line of stitches at center of pocket (dividing into 2 equal sections).

Body: Fold in half, right sides together & sew. Fold in bottom corners, to make 3” wide base. Baste in stiffening to lining. Press in top ½ “.
Place lining inside outer body of bag., aligning seams.
Pin straps so that open ends are between lining & outer fabric, descending 2”, and 2” from side seams.
Sew around top of bag. Reinforce for straps.
Sew buttons about 2” from top to match strap button holes.

Walker bag Pattern #2


  • ½ yd denim or similar, or double-side pre-quilted fabric
  • 2 large buttons
  • bias binding.


Cut 18” wide by width (42”) of fabric.
Cut strip 8” X 18” from end. Cut off 6”.
Cut remaining strip in half = two straps each 12” X 4”.

Straps: Pin each strap right sides together. Sew each end and side, leaving a 3” unsewn section in the middle. Turn inside out. Press. Sew along side to close. Make a buttonhole at one end of each strap.

Pocket: Use the 6” X 8” piece for a pocket, attaching it about 6”from top of body of bag.

Body: Use French seams to sew sides together. Use bias binding to turn in hem at top. Sew on straps about 2 ½ “ from side seams. Sew on buttons to match buttonholes.