CCQG 30th Anniversary Celebration

We will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary on April 12th.  All current members should be sure sign in immediately, and then see Mary Ellen Josephson (also at the membership table) for your commemorative gift.

There will be a short ceremony right after the business meeting in honor of all attending Past Presidents and Charter Members, including dessert for all to be served at the break.  If you are a Past President or Charter Member please be sure to sit in the reserved area marked for you near the front of the room.

April 2017 Challenge Quilt Update

  1. Your quilt must have a 4″ sleeve in order to be exhibited at a national show. If you are finished and do not want to add a 4″ sleeve to your quilt, that’s okay, it will still qualify for our guild’s challenge but it will not be able to be displayed at a future show.
  2. Pin a piece of fabric over your quilt label to hide your name and info.
  3. Bring your quilt in a brown paper bag or any bag that it cannot be seen through.
  4. And, MOST IMPORTANT, please try to come to the meeting early so we can get the quilts hung as soon as possible.

Make sure you also read the Exciting News Post!


Exciting News about the Challenge Quilts

From Stephanie and Cheryl:

We are so excited! We just heard from the people that run the PA National Quilt Extravaganza and they want to exhibit our challenge quilts. This means that every single one of you can exhibit your quilt in an amazing National level quilt show.

With this opportunity, we have to be mindful of a few things.

  1. Each quilt needs to have a name that you give it.
  2. Each quilt has to have a 4″ sleeve.
  3. Each quilt must be of a design that is copyright free and not from a pattern, unless you have the permission of the designer.

So, let’s get quilting!

P.S.  We are aware some of you may halve already sewn in your hanger and it is not 4″ wide.  Don’t panic!  Simply take a piece of muslin (or other fabric scrap) and tack on a temporary 4 inch hanger!

Any questions, please contact Stephanie or Cheryl.