Bits and Pieces

February 2017

Volume 32, Issue #2

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President's Message

I think I’m getting back to a ‘normal’ schedule. I found the quilt room after putting away all things Christmas. I received a new calendar over the Holiday.  I’m looking forward to using it. It’s called “The Quilter’s Planner”.  I’m hoping to become more organized with projects in the New Year. I’d better get it filled in soon!

 We had a wonderful Kids Quilts Sew-In, in January, for the Domestic Violence Center. Quilt blocks and strips were cut, laid out, sewn together, sandwiched, and bound by about 35 or so of our members. We welcomed a few new members and prospective members. So glad they could come and sew! It was a flurry of activity!  It was a fun and worthwhile Sew In. Thank you to Edith Shooster, and Lorna Milano (Co-Chairs) and their committee for organizing the Sew-In. Also, thanks Kelly Meanix for bringing the big boards and irons. Thanks to Roni Conner and her hospitality committee for drinks and snacks. It takes a village!

 We will be having our regular meeting in February, with Show & Tell. We will also be having Member Demos.  I always love the Demos our members present.  Be sure to check the newsletter for the January and February Block of the Months. We are having both drawings at our February Meeting.

I’m looking forward to just a little more snow – just not on Guild days!

Happy Valentines Day,


Monthly Programs


Monthly Charity – Pembrooke, Brandywine & Pocopson Homes, Walker bags Click here for Patterns

Block of the Month  Winter Star (January, postponed)  and Hearts (February)
Fat Quarter – Large Flower Prints

NOTE: Our January BOM, Winter Star which was distributed earlier, was postponed to our February meeting.  The February BOM will be distributed in the next week and we will have two drawings at the February meeting.  Maybe you will win both!

February 9, 2017 - Member Demos

We have the following member demos lined up for your pleasure and education!

• Half Square Triangles              Lucille  Willover Fast

• Flying Geese                           Judy Newby

• Nine patches                           Lee Paylor

• Spray Basting                          Susan Linton

• Applique Prep                         Jean Fox

• Continuous Binding                 Jane Roberts

• English Paper Piecing             Kelly Meanix

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March 8, 2017 - Victoria Gertenbach 

"Rural Inspiration" - Victoria's lecture will focus on the personal inspirations behind her quilts, gleaned from her local rural surroundings of Northern Lancaster County. She will present a Trunk Show featuring a selection of her amazing quilts, while discussing the stories and construction behind them.  Visit her blog to get a sneak preview:

April 12 - Barb Vedder

"Quilts, The Story of My Life" - The topic of Barb's lecture is her 25-year journey in quilt making and design.  She will present her quilts chronologically to show the evolution of her work from commercial patterns to adaptation to original work.   Barb will share her inspiration sources and how she interprets them in her work in hopes that it will inspire others to tell their own story. Visit her blog to get a sneak preview:

June 14 - Maxine Rosenthal

"One Block Wonders" - Maxine Rosenthal came to quilting via a path that included writing software and refinishing furniture. Fascinated by kaleidoscopes, she explores the patterns that develop when fabric is cut and re-joined to create new designs.  Her book is titled:  One-Block Wonders: One Fabric, One Shape, One-of-a-Kind Quilts.  If you have made a one block wonder quilt, make sure you bring it for Show & Tell.

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There is a long waiting list for many of our classes, if you are not able to make a workshop or if you are interested in registering please contact Kelly Meanix.

UPCOMING WORKSHOP DATES (Click on the Workshop for more details)

• March 7, 2017 - Victoria Gertenbach "Scrap Bustin' with Improv Housetop and Log Cabin Blocks"

                 This workshop is full.  But there is a waiting list you can put your name on.

• April 11, 2017 - Barb Vedder "Hex Vex" - English Paper Piecing

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Special Events


Remember those modern nine patches you got a few months ago?

Now that the winter has set in and you might get snow bound, why not pull out those nine patch squares you got from the exchange. It is a great time to get sewing them together so you can finish your project to show at the June meeting. Don’t forget there are lots of ideas on how to cut them and put them together on the internet.

I can’t wait to see all the wonderful projects everyone creates with them!

Sandy Jackson

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Challenge Quilts


"What Calico Cutters Means To Me" 

30th Anniversary Celebration Begins!

At our December Holiday meeting attendees received a fun surprise. A fat quarter of specially designed fabric (designed by Cheryl Lynch) celebrating our upcoming 30th anniversary celebration was distributed to all the members.  This fat quarter will be the foundation of our upcoming 2017 Challenge Quilt.  See below for all the

You were all set a "Between" about this Challenge earlier this week and it has all the details.  But here is  a shortened version.  Check the website for more of the details!  

The theme is "What Calico Cutters Means" to me. Inspiration can be encouragement, education, friendship, creativity.  

• Must be 15" by 20" in a vertical direction.  No landscape. So the height is 20" and the with is 15"

• The special fabric must be identifiable somewhere on the front of the quilt.

• Due at the April meeting where they will be voted on by the members.  Winners of the ten categories of prizes will be announced at the May 30th Anniversary Auction and Tea.  

• Quilts must be completed, quilted and bound, with a sleeve and label.Quilt must be an original design, not from a copyright pattern or book. You may use a block pattern that is in the public domain (traditional quilt blocks).  You MAY enter a quilt made from a pattern or book but it will not be eligible to be voted on.

Those members who were not at the December meeting can get their fabric from Stephanie Braskey at any future meeting or contact Stephanie.

IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE MORE OF THE CELEBRATORY FABRIC: The fabric is listed as Polka Dot Scissors by Cheryl Lynch QuiltsSearching for Polka Dot Scissors didnt work.  Click here to take you to the Spoonflower site.

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Monthly Charitable Gifts

Thanks to all who participated in our "quilt-a-thon" this month to make children's quilts for the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County. In addition to members we also had several visitors. There should be a final count of the quilts completed by our next meeting.

The charity for February is walker bags, which are given to Pembrook, Brandywine and Pocopson Homes. If you need instructions, there are two posted on our site.

Thank you again, for your continuing support of our charitable projects.
Stay warm,
Ann and Janet

Please see Walker Bag Pattern page for instructions as to how to make two types of Walker Bags

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American Soldier Quilts

Twelve soldier quilts were received from Betty Dix, Cindy Vognetz, Sandy Jackson, Dolores Holzwarth, and Terry Kramzar. They will be delivered to the Coatesville VA Medical Center. (This was left out of the January Newsletter)
If you have any questions contact Kathy Talley.

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Kids Quilts

The Sew-In has come and gone.  There were 35 to 40 pairs of hands working away.  We had a few people come who were not members of the guild, but hope to join one day.  People pinned and sewed and cut, and snacked and talked and laughed and were busy, busy, busy.  It looked like everyone was having a really good time.

A final count of completed quilts will be made at the February guild meeting.

This is the last sew-in for the present Kids Quilts Committee.  June will be the month we step aside for a new committee.  The years (8 or 9) we have spent working on Kids Quilts have been truly worthwhile for us.  We have had a good time and grown closer as friends.  Now it is someone else's turn.  Come visit us at the Kids Quilt table in February and talk to us.

If the Guild contribution of quilts to the Domestic Abuse Center or House of the Sparrow or any other needy group is to continue, someone needs to step up.  The need for a helping hand for women and children and families is still on going.  The current committee is done in June 2017.

See everyone in February!

Edith Shooster and Lorna Milano and the entire Kids Quilts Committee. 

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Ways and Means

May 2017 Auction Ways and Means is planning for the auction in May.  Auction and raffle donations are needed, as well as volunteers to provide services or classes to be auctioned.  Please contact Catherine Morano or Cindy Zencey to make arrangements for delivery or pickup of your donation. 

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Education Notes

A magnetic strip designed for knives in the kitchen is a great tool to have near your cutting table for keeping scissors (many) and rotary cutters organized and not thrown in a drawer.  They are available at Target for $10 and there are many on Amazon.

When I buy sheets or pillow shams they often come in sturdy zippered pouches.  I save then to store projects on the go.

If you have any tips, please shoot me an email.

Lynne Laino

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CCQG Quilt Show 2018

Work starts on our 2018 Quilt Show

February 2017 Update

We are in the search process for a venue for the Quilt Show.  We are looking for a place in West Chester if possible.  After that is found, we will begin setting up the committees so we don't interfere in the work for the May auction.  Please think about joining a committee.  We will need people to work on the Boutique, Programs, setting up and taking down, vendors, raffle baskets and chairpersons for these committees.  I will have specific sign up sheets as we get further along in the process.  Please think about helping out.  It will be a chance to have some fun and meet new people and showcase our talents.

Pat Barton 

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Communications Update

Some reminders about using the Calico Cutters website and links within this newsletter.

1. There are many links in the newsletter and the website to provide you additional information or to allow you to contact a Committee Chair or Board member.  Give them a try, they are generally underlined and highlighted.  

2. At the bottom of most of the articles in the newsletter you will see "Read more".  If you click on that it will take you to the website which often contains more information about the topics in the newsletter.

3. Print Friendly - This is a website feature.  It allows you to print what you want from a particular page.  You can delete images and extra information your are not interested in.  It is a great way to print out supply lists or reminders of what the key activities are related to a Guild Meeting.

Free free to ask anyone on the Communications Committee for more information about these.

Show and Tell 

As part of our Communications program we are often taking pictures of various Guild events.  Most of these are used on the website and some on our Facebook page.  One of the most popular pages on our website are the pictures of each month's Show and Tell.  Always an amazing display of the Guild's talent, we want to make sure we obtain photos of all the various quilts and items displayed.  However, we want to do this without interfering with the normal Show and Tell Process.  Therefore we want everyone to remember the following when going up to the front to display your quilt: 

• Please stand next to your quilt if you want your picture with the quilt on the website page. 

• Please stand away from your quilt if you do not want your picture on the website with your quilt.  

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events will now be listed only on the website  Click below for the details.   

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Executive Board

PRESIDENT  -  Terry Seeley
MEMBERSHIP - Debbi Fair and Lee Paylor  
PROGRAMS - Cheryl Lynch
SECRETARY - Leslie O'Brien
TREASURER - Lucille Willover
WORKSHOPS - Kelly Meanix
WAYS & MEANS - Catherine Morano and Cindy Zencey
COMMUNICATIONS - Chris Qaddoumi and Holly Rutkowski 

Calico Cutters Quilt Guild Information

Meets at 9:30 AM on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at:
Goshen Fire Company
1320 Park Avenue
West Chester, PA  19380

Bits & Pieces is a monthly newsletter for the members of Calico Cutters Quilt Guild. Please forward all material for publication to the Guild mailbox: A copy of the minutes of the previous Guild meetings and Treasurer’s reports will be available at each Guild meeting.

Mailing Address: Calico Cutters Quilt Guild
PO Box 1235
West Chester, PA 19380-0006  

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